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(Re-)discovering Irino Miyu... <3

I first heard him in "D.N Angel" and Ghibli's "Chihiro", but it was "Tsubasa Chronicle" that made me aware of him as a seiyuu. And lately I'm also into his music as well (thanks to "Disney Date"). This 'boy' is soo adorable! <33 And though I'm actually not really into boyish voice, Miyu-kun (with Hiro-kun and Yonaga Tsubasa) is an exception, not annoying, but nice, pleasant and soft.
I've heard that he started acting at quite young age, but just checking out wiki revealed that he was only 4 years old when he had his stage debut! Wow!!!
Here some adorable-funny facts from wiki:

(from tumblr: kamiya-sexual)
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My belly hurts XDD

Watching Quiz-no-Prince of Utapuri now:
I knew that Suzu-Suwabe are funny (Part 2+3), but hey, didn't know that Kishow-Shimono were such a comedic-duo as well.XDDD
I totally loved it when Kishow-san used Mamo-chan as an excuse in the end. And then Mamo shouted from the background: "Urusai yo!" (Part 5)
I didn't know that you're such clown, Kishow-san!XDD

And Mamo, how many times do you need to say "Eroi scene!"! at the (infamous) scene of naked Tokiya in the bed?XDD
The cheesy scene in the last Utapuri-episode, where the Starish-Team were singing and holding hands with Haruka, stars and glitter around them -> Mamo lol-ed.XD Well, I couldn't help but to giggled at that particular scene too, Mamo-chan. XDD (Part 6)

Aww, I just love them! I don't particularly like the Anime itself, but gosh, the Starish-team is soo adorkable!<3


A bit late but...


To the Starish-Team for winning the Seiyuu Singing Award!!!

(Grabbed from Mamo's blog. Backstage pic of Utapuri's First Live.^-^)

I'm not particularly fond of the Anime or Game, as I don't really like Reversed Harem - Anime or Otome-Games, but one of the best thing about Utapuri is certainly the awesome music and the wonderful cast of seiyuu, who can actually really sing. It's only fair and just that this team get the Award!
Btw, the DVD of their 1st Live Concert (I didn't get to attend their concert..T^T) is available soon in May, but it can apparantly only be purchased by ppl living in Japan for now, in Animate-shops... (someone living there and can get one copy for me? ;D)
I hope that it will be soon available too for oversea-fans.
Anyway, seems that the first concert was a huge success (well, no wonder XD), since they soon will give their second one this summer. (*^o^*)


Review: Disney Date "Prince no voices"

Finally got to listen to them, thanks to a dear friend.^-^
And since I'm listening to them right now, I want to write down my thoughts.

I think, there's nobody who has no nostalgic feeling when listen to some of the Disney classics or watch the movies. Because it's same for me and I still love the Disney Classics and the unforgettable songs. Before I knew about Anime and Manga I relate my earliest childhood memories with the Disney classics.
So that's why I get where all those mixed reviews of this CD are coming from. Yes, we are talking about Seiyuu (actually non-professional singers in the first place) singing Disney Classics, which were originally performed by broadway-singers and professional musicians. And therefore we can't expect the same level of singing skill. And second, the songs are all more or less alternated, maybe due to marketing reasons or copyright issues (since Disney has this kind of odd habit to sometimes change the songs or VA's in re-releasings).
But particularly Seiyuu-fans won't mind that much, and since I'm also one of them, my review is surely lesser harsh.

Anyway, here my thoughts of each of the songs:

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From the event last year, September 2011.

Event (Disc 1)
Making (Disc 2)

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Disney Date - Samples

OMG! I just have to own THIS! A bunch of my favourite songs sung by some of my favourite (singing-) seiyuu.

Suzu just BLEW ME AWAY! I mean, I was totally happy to know that he will sing one of my all-time favourite songs (and also one of the most difficult among the Disney-songs imho), but I didn't expect him to fit so well with the song (and I'm not saying this bc I'm biased due to my fangirling :P)! Yes, he would make a beautiful Aladdin-voice too if it would get redubbed in japanese (still have to get used to Mikishin as Aladdin, but the singing voice was very nice though).
And I'm also VERY happy when I saw Saku's name on the list. I knew he would sing wonderfully, no matter which he would get to perform. He's been always a capable singer and it was a waste, tht he refused to sing for quite a while (hence I'm quite surprised when I knew about this).
JunJun's Cinderella-song is just... I was laughing all the way.XDDD
Oh, and I love Seki-san's singing too, who btw I consider as one of the best male seiyuu singers (he's actually the reason why I got into singing seiyuu, along with Ogata Megumi. And Maaya Sakamoto. That was b4 Suzu's time.).
Miyu-kun's version is also one of my favourite.^.^

I'm pondering which version I should get, as the Standard one got a song with all of the seiyuu performed together. But the Special Edition one got a Making of-video...

Ps: Btw, I wonder how Whole New World which is supposed to be a duet, can be performed by one person... Would be nice, if Maaya-san did Jasmin.*_* A shame...

Final Fantasy 0 - Scans

There are two pages each seiyuu:

Kaji Yuki ("Ace")
Hanazawa Kana ("Deuce")
Nakamura Yuichi ("Trey")
Minori Chihara ("Cater")
Toyosaki Aki ("Cinque")
Sawashiro Miyuki ("Sice")
Irino Miyu ("Eight")
Ono Daisuke ("Nine")
Suzumura Kenichi ("Jack")
Koshimizu Aki ("Queen")
Sugita Tomokazu ("King")
Kamiya Hiroshi ("Machina")
Shiraishi Ryoko ("Rem")


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